Century Ambulance will feature a fresh look on its new ambulances when they roll down a street near you. From Ford Transit ambulances wrapped in an updated design and customized by Leader Ambulance, Century will continue to provide everyone on board with the highest quality medical transport available from comfort to cutting-edge technology. We are very excited to provide the very best to all of our team members, who we know offer the best care and customer service in the industry.

Ford Transit 4The ambulance branding utilizes a recently updated Century logo on each side as well as the mandatory double Star of Life on the rear of the vehicle to meet Florida Department of Health requirements. A key component of the new design is the orange “waterfall” concept, which adds a healthy dose of color to all forthcoming Ford Transit ambulances deployed by Century. A blue EKG line accentuates the path of the orange waterfall.

Although different from the traditional Type II ambulance design, the Ford Transit offers several benefits. In addition to more vertical space and improved fuel efficiency, the Ford Transit also features the new five-point safety harness and a tighter turning radius. The patient compartment is as spacious as ever, with a sliding door for ease of entry when needed, and all internal components are customized to meet Century needs. Maintenance of the new vehicles will be much easier and more efficient while driving and maneuverability are significantly better than older vehicles, which only increases crew and patient safety.

We hope our crews are as eager to use the Ford Transit ambulances as we are to provide them. Keep up the good work, team!

Ford Transit 5