One of Century Ambulance’s strongest and most rewarding healthcare partnerships is shared with Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville. In addition to regularly joining forces for everything from routine transports to special events, Century operates the dedicated Kids Kare Mobile ICU around the clock for Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

Recently, Century’s Kids Kare night crew of Taylor Evans and Ben Crump were dispatched along with a Wolfson nurse and respiratory therapist to Baptist Medical Center Nassau. A pregnant patient in need of transport to Wolfson for specialized care was rushed into the BMC operating room for an emergency C-section while Taylor, Ben and company were en route.

Upon arrival, all four members of the Kids Kare team entered a tragic scene: the mother was still on the operating table while her newborn boy, pulseless and apneic, was receiving chest compressions nearby. They immediately jumped to action, assisting with resuscitation for approximately 10 minutes before a pulse returned. However, chest compressions were again required after they moved the newborn to the nursery. They had to intubate the newborn, who was later deemed stable for transport nearly three hours after the crew arrived on scene.

Taylor and Ben safely transported the newborn to Wolfson Children’s Hospital where he continues to receive care in the neonatal intensive care unit. Wolfson staff was thankful to have Taylor and Ben with them that night, and Century can say no less of the lifesaving care also provided by RN Debbie and RT Marciel.

Century is grateful to have compassionate, devoted crew members like Taylor and Ben as well as healthcare partners who exhibit the same incredible qualities. Thank you so much for your efforts!