In the midst of dire circumstances, Century Ambulance crew members ensured the safety of six people involved in a motor vehicle accident and then went one big step further to help improve a painful situation.

Century’s Jane Hair and Thomas Ricks responded to a call for mutual aid following an accident, which resulted in the passing of one person. The partners arrived on scene at Interstate 10 north of Lake City, Florida, and helped provide emergency care. It was not until all six patients were transported to Lake Shore Hospital that the Century crew learned at the facility that a girl involved in the accident was holding her cat at the time of the collision, and the cat was not recovered from the accident site.

Jane then told the family that she and Thomas would return to Interstate 10 to search for the pet cat.

“I personally didn’t think that she would find it or even be possible with all the commotion, but leave it up to Jane and she would make it happen,” Thomas said. “As you see, mission accomplished!” Thomas also shared a social media post (see below) about his much-admired partner.

After finding the startled cat and befriending it, Jane found a box to serve as a temporary home for the feline until she arrived at the hospital and reunited the cat with its family.

By going out of their way to help comfort a family, Jane and Thomas exemplify the compassion and dedication in which Century takes so much pride. They deserve many thanks for their efforts not only as first responders but as selfless individuals.

Jane Hair 3