Marsha Morrell, Century Ambulance Service’s Executive Vice President, was recently honored with the 2016 Mark Fingeret Award for Administrative Leadership Excellence in EMS. The Florida EMS Advisory Council presented Marsha with the much-deserved honor at its annual awards dinner in Orlando.

An integral member of Century since it was created in 1981, Marsha has helped shape the company’s history for more than three decades and continues to lead it into the future. Her efforts have long resonated within the Century team as well as the EMS and healthcare communities, which is evidenced by the Florida Association of County EMS Services’ nomination of Marsha for the award.

“We are so proud to have Marsha on our team,” Century CEO John Glover said. “This award is just a reinforcement of what we all already know. We’re so proud of her!”

The Mark Fingeret Award is presented each year to a current or former EMS administrator who has demonstrated the leadership necessary to promote and enhance pre-hospital medical care. Mark Fingeret was a highly respected EMS administrator who tragically lost his life in a 1993 accident.

Marsha has proven her dedication to Century and the EMS community time and again. In 35 years at Century, she has been highly influential to the company’s growth, which has been a boon to Florida EMS. Marsha’s experience implementing operational and healthcare initiatives has led to numerous partnerships between Century and healthcare systems that strength healthcare through the region.

In addition to her role at Century, Marsha serves as Chairperson for First Coast EMS Advisory Council and has held chairperson roles for Emergency Medical Review Committee, First Coast Disaster Council, First Coast STEMI Data and Registry Program. She currently holds her paramedic license and graduated from University of North Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Health.

We would like to congratulate Marsha for receiving this much-deserved honor; she plays a huge role in making Century an industry leader!