Century’s Deanna Moore was among this year’s recipients of the Art McDonald Educational Scholarship. Each applicant was asked to write an essay, detailing their aspirations to excel in the field of healthcare. In Deanna’s essay, she explains how much being a part of EMS has taught her. In the coming years, Deanna hopes to become an RN.

This is the first time the coveted scholarships were opened up nationwide, calling to a crowd of applicants from ProTransport-1, PRN Ambulance, Century Ambulance Service, ATS Ambulance and Priority One Ambulance.

Here is the entire list of 2016 scholarship winners:

ProTransport-1: Jordan Lippincott, future MD

Century: Deanna Moore, future RN

ATS/Priority One: Kathryn Peterson, future Neurologist

PRN: Emily Besch, future RN

The Art McDonald Educational Scholarship was first started years ago as a means to respect those truly motivated enough to seek higher levels of education in healthcare, the same way the late Art McDonald did. Art’s legacy lives on, not only through the recipients, but through the actions of all who perform selfless acts of kindness toward those in need.