While many are free to busy themselves with celebrations during any given holiday, professionals in emergency medical services respond to crises, transport patients to treatment, and keep people under their care or watchful eye safe. These efforts inspire the adage “EMS never takes a day off.” On New Year’s Eve, Century Ambulance Paramedic Shane Crawford went a step further when he responded to two motor vehicle collisions (MVC) and provided advanced life support during his one-man shift.

A new paramedic, Shane accepted a solo shift assignment for the rowdy holiday. While others were ringing in a new year, EMS pros like Shane awaited an emergency call from dispatch. Just past midnight, Shane got such a call dispatching his ambulance to an MVC with entrapment and significant injuries. Upon arrival, Shane found a vehicle with two people in the wreckage – one was deceased while the other was unresponsive. Shane freed the unresponsive patient from the vehicle and used the rapid sequence intubation technique to establish a patent airway. Once the patient was prepared for their flight transport, Shane helped with the burdensome task of documenting a report for the individual who died during the crash.

Shane was still at the scene of the collision when his ambulance was dispatched to another MVC, also with an entrapped passenger. By the time Shane arrived on scene, a patient had been freed from the wreckage by firefighters and was in agonal respiration. Shane proceeded to assess other patients, beginning advanced life support procedures. He ensured his patient’s airway was secured before again facing the challenging rapid sequence intubation process.

The quick, decisive actions as well as calm, professional demeanor displayed by Shane exhibited the dedicated, compassionate care for which Century Ambulance is known. The difficulties present during any emergency scenario are abundant, yet Shane coupled his patient care with effective communication involving fellow Century crew members, EMS flight crew members and state troopers. He was calm under stressful conditions and remained poised, as a true emergency care provider should.

In short time, Shane proved himself a boon to the Century Ambulance team and the Florida EMS community.