Covalent Health was created to serve as a national brand offering products and services independently as well as through Century Ambulance Service. It is a new way we can market our products and services to customers who may not require the transportation piece of our service or might view us as just an ambulance company.

Now we’re making some tweaks to Covalent Health branding, updating the colors, logo and marketing to best fit the product, appeal to customers and get our message across. This makes it a perfect time to reintroduce the brand to you.

As a key part of our strategic growth, it is important that everyone on our team knows about Covalent Health, a provider of innovative logistics solutions to hospitals, payors, physicians and health systems. Offering services via Covalent Health allows us to be in more places with more healthcare partners. What does Covalent Health offer? Online ordering, transfer center services, telehealth, transport coordination, transitional care management and more. Sound familiar? Covalent Health allows us to grow business in exciting new ways by offering tools and services we develop and use at Century to a wider range of customers.

Be on the lookout for more information about Covalent Health tools, services and customers coming your way soon.