Hello Team,

I appreciate the candor, conversation and insight at the recent Company Buzz meetings. I honestly wish I could spend more time with everyone and that more people would attend. Much of the discussion revolved around two issues: late calls and vent call pay.

At the end of 2017, I wrote to you about the company’s goals for the coming year. Two of them were:

  • Advancement opportunities for our employees
  • Greater focus on clinical skills with more learning and teaching opportunities for our clinicians.

Effective March 1, we will be paying paramedics (excluding 911 or Kids Kare) who complete an inter-facility vent transport with a patient on our vent will receive an extra $20. We also recently increased the differential for critical care paramedics on the CCT truck to $5/hour. Look for an announcement from Operations in a couple days with all the details on this exciting increase!

On top of our vent training, Century is demonstrating its commitment to education by sponsoring qualified paramedics to the UF CCP program. Our first group of students have started their training program.  If you interested in the Critical Care Paramedic program, please contact the Training Department.

For EMT, driver only, or NMS/WC staff, we are currently working on a program to assist staff in securing their EMT and paramedic. More details will be shared once we get a program locked down.

The second topic of conversation at the meetings was the issue of getting off late. The reality of the situation is that we will always have late calls as we are a 24/7/365 company. It’s simply unavoidable, however we can attempt to mitigate this as much as possible.

The first part of the solution is ensuring staffing levels of EMTs and paramedics are robust enough to for our call volume. Currently, we have more field staff than we have ever had before; more crews means more availability which means calls are run on time and everyone gets to go home closer to their scheduled off time.

Century also got a little creative and put “high performance” or firefighter” shifts on the schedule. These shifts are paid by completed transports and the point is to motivate crews to safely transport more patients in a shorter amount of time. Hit your transport number and go home while getting paid for the entire shift. Interested? Contact the Scheduling Department.

Final Thoughts
Our company is made up of all of our individual and collective efforts. I am incredibly #CenturyProud. We are a great company and I am happy to work with each and every one of you. We continue to elevate the quality of service we deliver to the community and we continue to acknowledge and make changes to those things we need to improve upon.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication,

Matthew Johnson
General Manager