Century Ambulance crews race to emergencies across Columbia County daily, saving cardiac arrest victims, applying splints to broken bones, and safely leading the community through natural disasters. Early in 2018, however, one Century crew’s remarkable story centered not around injury or accident, but around a new life.

Dr. Christine Swenton presents Amanda Slater with a pin for her exemplary performance.

During their shift, crew members Amanda Slater and AJ Parnell were dispatched to an emergency call from a car parked at a Fort White gas station. They quickly arrived to find an expectant mother experiencing heavy contractions on her due date. Amanda and AJ assessed their new patient before safely moving her to their ambulance for transport to Shands Lake Shore Regional Medical Center in Lake City.

With the patient experience heavy, long-lasting contractions and feeling the need to push, the Century crew knew delivery was imminent. Amanda provided patient care in the rear of the ambulance while AJ drove toward the hospital with lights flashing and siren wailing.

The ambulance was less than one mile from the hospital when the baby crowned. With no time to spare, Amanda alerted AJ, who pulled the ambulance over to a safe spot on the side of the road before making his way back to provide assistance. The Century crew had an obstetric kit open and ready when they asked the patient to begin pushing. Once the baby’s head was fully through the canal, they had their patient pause so they could suction the baby’s nose and mouth clear of fluids. With another push, a healthy baby girl entered the world.

Their job not quite done, Amanda and AJ cut the umbilical cord, cleaned and wrapped the baby, and hander her to her mother. They notified dispatch that there were now two patients on board and proceeded to complete the transport to the hospital, where they transferred care to maternity care staff.

Amanda and AJ showed the type of compassionate care and emergency medical expertise the community can expect from Century Ambulance and its professionals. Century Ambulance couldn’t be prouder to have pros like Amanda and AJ on its team.