On Monday and Tuesday, I was able to visit with our crews in Panama City and witness the devastation that was brought down on this community by Hurricane Michael. It’s surreal seeing a beautiful community in ruins. The entire region has been turned on its head.

What motivated me was the spirit of the people of Bay County and our employees at Century Ambulance. Everywhere I looked I found the community setting up distribution centers for food and water. Some were official distribution sites and others were just concerned citizens attempting to help their community in any way possible – thousands of people trying to do what’s right.

For me the greatest inspiration of heroism was our Century Ambulance team. The word heroism gets applied to a lot of little things and that’s okay. Our team in Panama City exemplified the definition of heroism during this event.

Prior to the storm, and with little time to prepare, they worked tirelessly to evacuate those in need. While the hurricane destroyed their homes, cars, personal belongings and community, they bravely sought shelter inside a hospital that was nearly destroyed. As soon as the storm passed they worked without relief to again protect the needs of the community and help those that needed it most.

Our team responded without hesitation or delay. They risked their lives responding to calls in extreme danger until state and federal resources could help support the effort. Several days after the storm our team is still working hard to help the community they love. The men and women of Century Ambulance in Bay County have earned the respect and title of true heroes.

Our main office in Panama City was destroyed, but the #CenturyProud spirit is swelling. With the aid of the entire team at Century Ambulance we will find a new home. We will continue to support our employees and serve the communities within Bay County with the heroes of Century Ambulance.

Thank you,

Matthew Johnson
General Manager