Century crew members must be quick on their feet, making split second decisions on the fly, all while keeping a calm, professional demeanor. This composedness in the face of difficulty is vital to being an emergency care provider.

Critical Care Paramedic Peggy Conyers and EMT Travis Cann displayed such competence and nimbleness on April 21st, Easter Sunday, when a motor vehicle accident occurred in front of them right outside Baptist Emergency at Town Center. Peggy and Travis sprang into action, responding to the scene of the accident to ensure the safety of the driver. Quickly, Century’s Critical Care Transport team also arrived on scene, and Critical Care Paramedic Quinton Washington and Critical Care EMT Danny Kilmer utilized their skills and training to transport their patient to the trauma center at UF Health Jacksonville.

The nurse manager at Baptist Town Center had only praise for our crews, recognizing their professionalism. Peggy, Travis, Quinton and Danny all exhibited the dedicated, compassionate care for which Century Ambulance is known. They deserve much recognition for their emergency medical expertise, and Century is proud to have such skilled first responders as part of its team!