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We bring patients and medical professionals together through mobile healthcare solutions and reliable transportation services.

Century Ambulance Service has been a trendsetter in the Florida healthcare community for more than three decades, creating its niche as an inter-facility transport specialist and adding a wealth of value-added services since it began operation. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Century currently dispatches its ambulance fleet from eight operations centers spread across five counties in North Florida.

Founded to provide non-emergency services to patients requiring medically necessary ambulance transportation, Century prioritizes the individuals and healthcare facilities previously neglected by the traditional 911-based system. The company began to provide its much-needed patient transportation services on May 5, 1981, with a total of two BLS ambulances and an eight-person staff. Century now provides upwards of 50,000 transports each year from a fleet 50 strong, working with esteemed healthcare partners throughout its expanding area of operation.