Century Training Supervisor Beth Rodgers honored as a 2019 Star of Life

Our very own Beth Rodgers recently traveled to Washington D.C., where she was honored as a 2019 Star of Life for outstanding service and dedication by the American Ambulance Association. During this trip, the Stars met with legislators and participated in meetings on Capital Hill. A pioneer in the Northeast Florida healthcare and EMS communities, [...]

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Marsha Morrell nominated for the prestigious EVE Award

The EVE Award recognizes women with the initiative to accomplish their vision for benefiting the community. All have a history of service, passion and commitment. There are the 12 finalists for the EVE Awards. The Times-Union created the awards in 1969 to honor the achievements of women during the prior year. Judges drawn from former [...]

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National EMS Week: Beyond the Call

The theme of the 45th annual National EMS Week, running from May 19 through 25, is Beyond the Call. EMS is about excellent patient care, but it is also about much more. There is so much that happens beyond the sacrifice and care of responding to calls for help. Volunteering in their spare time, organizing [...]

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National Nurses Week: Thank You, Nurses

We’re in the midst of Nurses Week, a time for everyone to reflect on the vast contributions nurses make to the medical world each and every day. The US has more than 4 million registered nurses, and they are some of our most trusted professionals, consistently ranking at the top of nationwide Gallup honesty and [...]

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Century crews’ quick response to MVA shows professionalism, dedication

Century crew members must be quick on their feet, making split second decisions on the fly, all while keeping a calm, professional demeanor. This composedness in the face of difficulty is vital to being an emergency care provider. Critical Care Paramedic Peggy Conyers and EMT Travis Cann displayed such competence and nimbleness on April 21st, [...]

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All-Hazards Disaster Response Focus at Century Ambulance Service

Century Ambulance recently selected Leigh Cowan to join our team as a Special Projects Manager, responsible for leading our expansion into Pasco County and West Florida. Leigh was featured in the April 2019 issue of South Florida Hospital News & Healthcare Report, highlighting her important role as the lead of Century Ambulance’s Disaster Response Team. [...]

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GM Update: On the ground with Century Ambulance’s heroes in Panama City

On Monday and Tuesday, I was able to visit with our crews in Panama City and witness the devastation that was brought down on this community by Hurricane Michael. It’s surreal seeing a beautiful community in ruins. The entire region has been turned on its head. What motivated me was the spirit of the people [...]

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Century Ambulance key to Hurricane Michael recovery efforts in Bay County

Century Ambulance is playing a key role in the EMS response to Hurricane Michael in Bay County, Florida, where it initially dispatched seven ambulances to aid in recovery efforts while more ambulances immediately en route to help the community in the wake of the catastrophic storm. Century Ambulance is currently operating out of the Bay [...]

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Century announces Monthly Commendation Winners for August 2018

Century Ambulance is proud to announce its Monthly Commendation winners for August 2018: Rachel Gherardi, Jacksonville Trisha Brutus, Ft. Lauderdale Justin Crespo, Lake City Jacob Rosario, Panama City Each month, Century Ambulance selects standout team members for special recognition from those who were commended by a coworker, patient, patient relation or hospital staff. Winners are [...]

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Executive VP Marsha Morrell to retire from Century after 37 years of service

Marsha Morrell has announced her decision to retire following 37 years of dedicated service to Century Ambulance and the local healthcare community. Marsha will retire from her full-time role on October 22, but she will continue to assist on a part-time basis during the ensuing transition period. Marsha has played an essential role at Century [...]

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